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The Cloud

The Cloud is a temporary structure on the western edge of Queens Wharf. It was erected to accommodate Auckland's commitment to host an inner-city Fanzone, festival and showcase event during the Rugby World Cup 2011, and it proved a very popular location to watch the games.

At almost 180m long, The Cloud can accommodate up to 5,000 people. Its' ground floor area can be split into four segments, which means the building is able to cater for a range of showcase and festival events occurring at the same time. The mezzanine space at the northern end of The Cloud is ideal for VIP hosting.

The building was designed as a temporary structure to last up to 20 years.

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The Cloud Facts

  • Building dimensions: Length 178.5m
  • Ground floor area 3400sqm
  • Covered atrium area 443sqm
  • Mezzanine floor area 512sqm
  • Mezzanine balcony area 75sqm
  • Total building capacity: 5000 people
  • Mezzanine capacity: 200 people
  • Materials: Structure: steel with timber detailing
  • Roof: opaque fabric PVC
  • Walls: mix of glass and clear ETFE